How it works for interpreters

How it works for clients

1. Receive Jobs

Enter your information and language skills on our site, upload your diploma and activate your job notifications. After approval of your diploma, you can receive notifications for possible interpreting jobs that match your profile. You can choose to receive job requests by SMS or by e-mail, whichever is most convenient. We recommend SMS because being the first to confirm increases the chances of you getting an interpreting job!

2. Accept a Job

When you receive a job opportunity you are free to accept, to refuse, or not to respond at all. If you receive job offers by SMS, simply text back. And if you receive job offers via e-mail, you need to e-mail your reply. Be quick to respond, though, because we send the same job offers to all matching interpreters.

3. Get a Match & Receive Confirmation

You’ll be notified by e-mail if you have won the job. You then need to block the scheduled time slot in your agenda for 24 hours to allow the client time to confirm the call before the booking is final.

After we receive final confirmation from the client, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to your private and secured Translin Video Room. You and your client are ready to go.

4. Get Prepared

Make sure:

  • You have broadband Internet with a minimum speed of 10mb/s for optimal video streaming.
  • You have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox installed – check here to see if your browser is compatible with Translin.
  • You have a good quality headset with a microphone for improved sound quality and privacy (recommended).
  • You have your camera properly installed.

And please be on time!

5. Connect, Work & Get paid

On the date and time of your scheduled video call, you can enter the Translin Video Room via the link in your received confirmation e-mail, via your account or by copying/pasting the Video Room link into your browser.

After the interpreting has taken place, you’ll receive a link to the overview page showing your earnings. Your earnings become available for withdrawal 7 days after the call. You can either chose bank (if you are from a European SEPA-country) or PayPal (all countries) as your payment method.

It’s as easy as that!

Your income

Our pricing policy is transparent. We have fixed prices for all language combinations in every country and we use a pay-per-minute system to make our service more accessible for our clients and for our interpreters.

The interpreter receives 51 euros (excl. VAT) per hour and our clients pay 69 euros (excl. VAT) per hour. The difference is used for maintaining and developing our TRANSLIN platform and also for marketing activities such as promoting the concept worldwide in order to make it even more successful.

We care and want to share

It might sound a bit pretentious for a start-up, but we strongly believe in social responsibility, we are committed to doing business fairly, and we want to make a positive contribution to the world. Which is why we donate 1% of the turnover from each interpreted hour to our Social Cause:

New interpreters, feel welcome and join us

We are constantly looking for talented people and invite you to register on our platform. So if you have a degree in interpreting and you have internet and the latest version of Chrome or Firefox installed, just go to register as an interpreter and complete the registration. It’s easy and free and will only take a few minutes.